Saturday, 20 October 2012

London 2012 OCC: After Party...

After we performed we were told we had to leave site immediately .. but I mean come on! How many times do you get to see back stage at one of the biggest shows on earth? There was no way I was leaving that stadium...

After hiding behind our props everytime someone official walked past we became a little brazen and decided to sit on the boxes and watch, if we weren't in the way or loud we were not trouble right? Besides we were still in costume.

We managed to pick the perfect Vom (gate) to watch from. It was where all the acts came on stage to perform. The supermodels in their billboard vans, the spice girls on their taxis, we saw it all. It was also the route the athletes had to leave by to go back to the village. The best part of the whole day had to be the fireworks. If you thought they looked impressive on TV you should have been in that stadium!

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