Saturday, 13 October 2012

London 2012: OCC Rehearsal

Our rehearsal first started in Bromley by bow and as everything was so hush hush I wasn't able to take any pictures (we were also so busy that I didn't even think of taking photos) Once the show date drew closer we move to a location in Dagenham, unlike the opening ceremony who did their final rehearsals in the stadium itself we made do with a big top tent and the great British outdoors! It was interesting to say the least and I would love to have know how many plastic rain ponchos we got through. The rehearsals involved A LOT of waiting around but it meant we got to walk around and check out all the other sections rehearsing (if it wasn't raining) Here you'll see some photos of us rehearsing the Kate Bush 'running up that hill' section along with some photos of the flower dance, this is the part the BBC thought would be a good time to film the crowd rather than us dancing!

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