Monday, 7 May 2012

Dancers are the athletes of God - Albert Einstein

Some of my favourite shoots are when I get to do something a little different; like having gold leaf stuck to my face:
Climbing up a tree in heals? 

Having a 13ft 6 stone python draped around me? …and no this isn’t the work of Photoshop (well, ok the background was) but I was painted white and the snake was 100% real!

Creative make-up and styling are what keeps each shoot interesting. But for a while I've wanted to do something much simpler, stripped back and based on movement. This meant:
fixed poses
forced expressions
contrived styling
What I was looking for was an expressive project where I could just be me.
So when I was asked to do a project based on R.J Muna's work - the apparitions, I couldn't say no. Mark (the photographer) just let me dance and do whatever felt natural, so I just let go and moved. There was no choreography, no music and no styling. Just me, mark, his camera and lighting and some material wrapped around me to preserve my modesty. Below are some previews of the work in progress, which is leading to the final project; and I can't wait to share what Mark is planning to do for his exhibition... Watch this space! Images to follow soon... ish!

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